Safety is hard to measure


But managing safety is single most important thing to your business longevity.


I totally get it. You wear a ton of hats.


The CLEAN series was created to make your life as a marketing wizard waaaaay easier.

Creating, managing and optimizing your website doesn not need to be that awkward, ill-fitting winter beanie your grandmother gave you in back in 1985.


what you can't measure you can't improve

We measure your fleet's safety and help you improve. You get a driver by driver view of your risk on the road. We can tell you who is most likely to have an accident and what behaviors you should coach.


See it action

The most advanced dash cam on the market.


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Coach Dash Cam Events Over-The-Air.


Recording the behavior is cool. The real question is how do you eliminate the risky behavior. Here's how:

  1. DriverI captures positive and negative driving events
  2. Safety manager reviews events and selects what should be coached
  3. With one click, the driver must watch the recorded event on the tablet, read the manager's coaching feedback and sign to acknowledge the coaching session

See the Data For Yourself...

Take a look at this whitepaper about reducing risky driving behavior.


See The Data

Driver Behavior is only one part of safety.

Vehicle maintenance is extremely important to ensuring you minimize accident risk. We help you stay on top of vehicle maintenance and quickly identify and track your maintenance issues. 


Quickly Resolve Maintenance issues

When your vehicle inspection is electronic your shop gets instant notifications of driver reported issues. No more two day turn-around. Keeping your vehicles in tip-top shape will help prevent accidents.