My name is Flint Holbrook,

and a chance encounter at an airport bar back in 2014 changed my life.

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While waiting for my flight, I made small talk with the guy seated next to me at the airport bar. As it turned out, he owned a trucking company that hauled exclusively for FedEx and we spoke at length about how lucrative the business could be. Fresh out of college with no money and no experience,  I went to the closest FedEx terminal the next day, marched into the manager's office and gave my pitch. A week later, I had a perpetual contract to haul freight for FedEx.

Fast forward a few months, and I am miserable. Faced with odds I was never prepared for and swamped with mundane tasks I didn’t have the budget to hire out, I was desperate for a solution. 

I knew I wasn’t the only trucking enterprise that could use help in this area, so I began marketing and selling this service. Word quickly got around, and TruckSpy was born.

Though based in Dallas, TX myself with my wife and daughter, the TruckSpy team works from across the country to develop and implement cutting edge technology across our platform.

We look forward to helping you find the right solutions for your business.

To learn more about our technology, be sure to explore the products tab on our website, or book a demo here.

What our

clients have to say


We are confident that we are now identifying and correcting our risks on the road. I think this program will be competitive advantage for us, passengers are starting to realize that we really care about their safety.
Nick Portaleos, President
Presidential Transportation
Our drivers do a great job for us, but we couldn't support them to the level that we needed to for the organization to be highly successful.
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Mike Carlsen, President
We’ve cut the number of phone calls substantially. Our dispatchers are now focused on fixing problems in the field – not doing data entry. They have the time to be proactive and anticipate issues before they happen, which has increased our driver happiness.
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Dane Noyce, CEO
Panhandle Express