An ELD that works for you


There's nothing fun about ELDs, everyone hates them. We've made it easy for you to stay compliant.



Empower your drivers to own compliance

The TruckSpy ELD enables drivers to edit their logs, annotate incorrect drive time and apply all FMSCA exceptions. Give drivers the tools to own their compliance.


Keep it simple

Its easy for drivers to start and end their day.  They can dig deeper to edit their logs, apply FMSCA exceptions and add remarks.

Once configured the ELD always connects to the same vehicle to avoid confusion in the yard.

Of course, our ELD meets all FMSCA requirements and is capable of transferring data to a DOT officer in the field.


Easy for dispatchers

Give your dispatchers visibility all in one platform. They can see and edit logs in one place, jumping between drivers takes one click. They'll even see the driver's available time on their dispatch board. 


Designed to make your life much easier

No 3AM Calls

When its easy for your drivers, they have no need to wake you up about ELD issues.


Once configured, the ELD will automatically connect to the right vehicle.. everytime.


The only ELD that fully supports FMSCA exemptions like short-haul, agriculture and ready-mix.


Let's dig deeper

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