Top 5 Truckspy Features

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Elyse Byers
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October 21, 2022

Thinking about switching to Truckspy? Or maybe you’re already a customer, but you’re wondering what else we have to offer? Keep reading as we go over Truckspy’s top 5 features and how we’re providing solutions for your fleet.

1. Our Fuel Program

Customers asked us to help them save money on fuel, so the team at TruckSpy got the telematics data for over 7k trucks to really see what we could do.

The result? It’s possible to reduce your fuel expense by 5 cents per mile by buying at the right places.

We negotiated discounts at over 1,000 truck stops so you don't have to.

Use our built-in fuel optimizer to quickly see fuel prices at truck stops all over the US, and use the TruckSpy Driver app to see what truck stops are in-network.


With our fuel card, you’re able to manage your fuel expenses, approve maintenance expenses and issue cash advances.

In addition, an on-driver tablet allows you to tell your driver exactly where to fuel along their route using turn-by-turn navigation.

Our fuel program is free to sign up for, so you have nothing to lose.

Find out more about our fuel program by booking a call on our website.

2. AI Drive Cameras

Truckspy’s sophisticated dash camera system is able to detect behavior that traditional g-force based systems miss. It can pick up things like distracted driving, drowsiness, running stop signs and failure to obey traffic signals. DriverI even live coaches the driver with an audible alert when a correctable behavior is detected.

You’ll be able to use the data you get from your dash cameras to coach drivers and eliminate risky behavior:

First, DriverI captures positive and negative driving events. Your safety manager then has the opportunity to review the events and select what should be coached.

With one click, the driver must watch the recorded event on the tablet, read the manager's coaching feedback and sign to acknowledge the coaching session.

Click here to learn more about our AI Drive Cameras.

3. ELD

The TruckSpy ELD enables drivers to edit their logs, annotate incorrect drive time and apply FMCSA exemptions. 


Our ELD meets all FMCSA requirements and is capable of transferring data to a DOT officer in the field.

With a tablet provided to you by Truckspy, it’s easy for drivers to edit their logs, apply FMCSA exemptions, and add remarks. Plus, once configured, the ELD will automatically connect to the right vehicle every time.

Worried about exemptions? Ours is the only ELD that fully supports FMCSA exemptions like short-haul, agriculture and ready-mix.

Learn more about the Truckspy ELD on our website, where you can also set up a meeting with a member of our team to see if our ELD could be the right fit for your fleet.

4. Truck Navigation/Dispatch & Document Management

First, let’s talk dispatching: it goes without saying that communicating load information back to your drivers shouldn't take up your entire day.

With our dispatching software and a tablet provided to you by us, your dispatchers can make assignments and configure workflows.


You’re also able to quickly overlay your planned routes and the truck's actual GPS data on the map. Then, coach your drivers based on the data to increase your fleet’s efficiency.


Handling your documents for each delivery is easy, too: 

Drivers simply scan their documents and attach to each stop. Dispatchers then see the docs in real time. You can even invoice your customers within minutes of the drop.

On top of that, Truckspy provides turn-by-turn navigation that integrates with your dispatching. Your drivers see their assignments in real time and can execute workflows at each stop. 

You build the route and it automatically shows up on the driver's tablet.

Learn more about our dispatching  and truck navigation solutions on our website.

5. Maintenance

Tired of using spreadsheets to track maintenance? TruckSpy can track your scheduled maintenance based on your truck's real odometer readings or engine hours. You tell us how often you want to perform each maintenance item and we'll let you know when it's due.


You can also configure your vehicle inspection and when it's completed, we'll notify your maintenance staff of any issues reported by a driver.

Once the issue is repaired, we'll ask the driver to confirm the repair. This allows you to meet DOT requirements and you have a check and balance in place.

Click here to learn more about our maintenance solutions.