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Dear Driver, Here's 3 Ways Dash Cams Benefit You

Dash cams have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Fleet managers and owners can monitor the driver, protect the business from rising insurance rates, and provide evidence if an accident occurs. The real question is: how does a dash cam benefit the truck driver? Your initial reaction might be to say they don't benefit drivers. However, after talking to numerous fleets and hearing multiple success stories, we'd like to share three reasons why a dash cam can be beneficial for truck drivers:


1) Where's The Proof

For a brief moment let's assume you're a professional driver with two years of experience. If I asked, "are you a good driver?" what would you say? Well, more than likely you'd provide some stats, such as the number of clean inspections or accident-free miles driven. Don't get me wrong, those are good metrics. However, they don't provide enough insight into things like near misses or bad behaviors. Now imagine if you could provide a safety score based not only on your driving data, but also how that score compares to other drivers in your fleet or region. The latest and greatest dash cams have AI video monitoring and scoring which can help a good driver like you switch to a better position or get a raise. You'll be getting clean inspections and many accident-free miles as always, but with the added bonus of proof of safe driving habits.

2) Financial Incentives

Very rarely do we see fleets roll out camera technology without also rolling out an incentive program. So the second benefit for you as a professional driver is the opportunity to make more money. Incentive programs can be structured in a variety of ways. Some fleets do monthly safety bonuses, others do this quarterly. Regardless, being financially compensated for ensuring your work is performed safely is appreciated.

3) Instant Coaching

Professional athletes have coaches, so why don't professional drivers? This brings us to the third and final benefit of dash cams: instant coaching. This is by far one of the most important and key features of TruckSpy's camera system. Many cameras don't even offer coaching, and the few that do often only capture negative events. This being the case, the hesitation from drivers is understood. However, the instant coaching on our dash cam keeps track of and analyzes all events. This includes safe and positive driver behaviors! Through the coaching feature, our dash cam not only looks out for the driver by giving feedback when negative events occur, but it also helps identify and reward safe behaviors with driver stars. As the best dash cam for truckers on the market, drivers can be sure that they will have all the necessary features to stay safe on the roads.



Dash cams are a great investment for truck drivers who want to ensure their safety, as well as provide evidence in the event of an accident. A dash cam can also provide financial incentives through monitoring and tracking safety, as well as real-time feedback and coaching to help improve performance. With so many options on the market, it is important to choose the best dash cam for truckers that best fits your specific needs. With all the benefits that a dash cam can offer, there’s no doubt that installing one in your vehicle is a smart decision for any trucker.

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