Rep from TA/Petro Comments on the Diesel Shortage: Fake News??

by Elyse Byers
1 min read
November 24, 2022

On this episode of The Road Forward we got to meet with Greg Duhaime, leader of the channel sales team for TA/Petro. He was able to share with us some interesting information about the current fuel market as well as an inside look at how TA/Petro is meeting the needs of today’s drivers.

Is There Really a Diesel Shortage?

Greg assures that TA’s fuel supply has not been affected by any supposed fuel shortage. He did note that this may be a regional issue depending on the state. There have been recent challenges supplying fuel to states like Nevada and California, as well as isolated incidents that have caused certain refineries to shut down. These events may have caused more widespread panic than is necessary. From his standpoint, Greg says that it’s hard to say how diesel prices will change in the future and that it doesn’t seem to have any correlation to unleaded prices. 

What is the Future of TA/Petro?

TA is currently working on expanding to new locations and modernizing existing locations, including improving their restaurant options. 

Some of the amenities you can find at TA/Petro truck stops around the country include:

  • WiFi
  • Pet areas
  • Workout areas
  • Driver lounges 
  • Laundry services
  • Showers
  • Paid reserved parking

Of course, some of the available amenities–such as driver lounges and laundry services–vary by location. TA continues to refine and improve the services they offer based on what will be most useful to drivers.

With a rise in electric and autonomous trucks, down the road TA is even looking at the potential for adding charging stations and hubs for autonomous trucks. 


Be sure to check out the full episode where we talk about the newest headlines in trucking: insurance, ELD studies on safety, layoffs, Amazon’s drone delivery program and more. 

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