Is There A Driver Shortage???

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Elyse Byers
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September 29, 2022

On this episode of The Road Forward we sit down with Ronak and Shivam from Ancile Services where they make it easy to recruit and retain your drivers. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • The driver shortage and why this issue isn’t as black and white as you might think
  • The job market in the trucking industry and how both employees and companies can make better decisions with data
  • Driver recruiting and retention, and what Ancile Services does to help companies with this
  • Over-the-road (long-haul) trucking vs. last-mile trucking and the challenges/advantages to both

The Driver Shortage

Experts in their field, Ronak and Shivam give their hot take on this subject: there is a driver shortage, but this can vary depending on the part of the country where a company is located. 

“You cannot paint the whole market with the same brush”


There can be areas with plenty of drivers and areas with none at all. For instance, the job markets in Atlanta and Savannah, GA are completely different, even though these are located only hours away from each other. What’s causing this kind of discrepancy? Although it can be hard to pinpoint the exact reason, it could be due to varying supply and demand in different areas, or simply demographics and the type of people looking for work. 

One trend that can be seen is older drivers retiring and fewer young people coming into the field to take their place, looking for career opportunities elsewhere. 

Of course this all greatly affects the job market, so how can drivers and contractors know what kind of job market they’re in?


The Job Market

It’s important to learn local job market dynamics, either as a driver or a company. One goal of Ronak and Shivam’s company– Ancile Services– is to educate their clients on their local job market. 

Varying market dynamics affect what pay drivers can expect and help them know how to negotiate based on those values. This can apply to receiving benefits as well. 

A changing market means companies need to stay up to date on their methods of hiring and onboarding new drivers. 


Driver Recruiting and Retention

Ancile Services works with long-haul and last-mile delivery companies, helping them to recruit and retain drivers. This includes custom advertising through Indeed, social media, etc., as well as assistance throughout the whole hiring and onboarding process.

Hiring drivers is one thing, but keeping them is another. As a contractor, don’t underestimate the value of keeping the line of communication open with your drivers. Showing appreciation for your employees can come in different forms, but even something as simple as taking time to talk with them one on one can go a long way. 

It’s also vital to document everything when onboarding new drivers and make sure expectations are clearly outlined. This can save a lot of misunderstandings from happening down the road.


Long-Haul Vs. Last-Mile Trucking

Driver shortages can affect both long haul and last-mile trucking, but what separates the two? 

Last-mile (or final-mile) trucking companies are those that make deliveries straight to the end customer. There are less requirements for these kinds of drivers, which means availability of drivers is greater, while quality of the work tends to be less. This means a greater amount of safety incidents, not to mention extremely high driver turnover. Last-mile trucking jobs pay relatively well, however the work can be highly demanding. These types of jobs tend to appeal to a younger demographic who is not as career oriented. 

Long-haul (or over-the-road) trucking has stricter requirements, with drivers generally needing a CDL license. Companies looking to hire for long-haul trucking jobs may have a smaller pool of applicants to choose from, however a driver with a CDL license is more likely looking for a long-term career. For this reason, employee turnover may not be as big of an issue for long-haul trucking companies.


Watch the full episode where we’ll also discuss speculations for the future of the trucking industry, including self-driving trucks.

Looking to streamline your fleet operations? Be sure to reach out to Ancile Services to learn more.

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