How Companies are Saving 45% on Truck Tires and More

November 10, 2022

Our guests on The Road Forward for this episode are Todd and Garrett from Crown Source Inc. Crown Source has been helping trucking companies and drivers save money for four and a half years. 

Todd’s experience in procurement and cost savings solutions goes back about 25 years when he started in the healthcare field. He noticed a similar need in the trucking industry and co-founded Crown Source. Today, they are involved in trucking as well as twelve different transportation and specialty fleet industries.

How Does it Work?

Crown Source can save trucking companies money on most of their essential purchases in 18 different product categories, including tires, parts, and fuel. To make this work, the company has three main foundations:

  • Group Purchasing Organization

They use their sourcing and contracting expertise to negotiate discounts with major suppliers. These benefit all size companies, even small ones that wouldn’t normally be able to negotiate their own discounts.

  • Custom Sourcing with Large Fleets

The team at Crown Source works with larger fleets to create a customized program that meets the specific needs of that company.

  • Technology Platform

Crown Source has a mobile app that drivers can use to access discounts on items such as tires while on the road. They also have an ecommerce marketplace (think Amazon) with access to over 4 million products. 

With prices going up on even the most basic necessities, these savings are valuable for every company, from owner-operators all the way up to the biggest fleet. As an example, you could save between $100-$400 per tire by purchasing new tires through Crown Source. They also have a fuel program where they have negotiated deals with big name truck stops like Loves and Flying J. 

Crown Source makes their money through contracted suppliers so they can focus on providing the best discounts and there’s no subscription fee.

Visit for the sign-up form to get started.

What’s Next?

From their position in the industry, Todd says they are expecting to see some improvements in existing supply chain issues by next year. As for Crown Source, they are looking forward to launching a new version of their mobile app in February 2023 which will benefit over-the-road truckers.

Be sure to check out the full episode to hear the latest in trucking news, including layoffs, the danger of fake job listings, and the growing diesel shortage. 

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