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Growing Your Business as a FedEx Contractor

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As a FedEx contractor, whether your company is more involved with P&D or Linehaul, there are important factors to keep in mind when growing your company and running a successful operation.

Join us as we interview Alex Cebzanov from the Baltimore market. Alex discusses his experience in the trucking industry as both a driver and manager, and explains what he has learned about how to grow your business as a FedEx contractor. This includes hiring good drivers and meeting their needs, leasing and buying trucks, and the overall logistics of managing a company. We also learn about the ‘bidding’ system for purchasing FedEx runs, and why some companies end up growing more than others.

Alex is Manager at Beeline Services Inc. and PrimInvest Corp. and is based in Baltimore, MD. 

This video was recorded at the 2022 Linehaul Summit. Learn more at www.linehaulsummit.com


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