Driver Interface

A simple interface built for productivity

Driver’s will love the intuitive interface

All About Your Drivers – Make Their Job Easier

Drivers have a lot on their plate and the last thing they need to deal with is a problematic ELD.

TruckSpy’s Driver Interface Benefits:

• Two-way messaging with dispatching
• Vehicle inspections with issue resolution
• Truck-appropriate navigation
• Electronic Logging Device (ELD) with support for all FMSCA exceptions
• Trip workflows capable of collecting feedback from the driver about a load
• Event based safety training


Improved Dispatch and Driver Relations

We make it easy on drivers and dispatchers to communicate and get things done. Get your drivers to the right location with navigation and collect important load details with trip workflows.


Real-Time Load Assignment and Updates keep Clients Happy

Trip workflows that update your dispatchers on every detail of trip progress in real-time eliminating check calls and enabling fast invoicing.

TruckSpy’s interface helps each step of the way

Example Trip Workflow:


Drive to Origin

The driver is shown address and location on-screen. Special notes and instructions appear with the option to accept an assignment. Step-by-step navigation is provided visually or verbally throughout.


Origin Arrival

The driver clicks a button in-app confirming arrival with automatic notification to the office staff.


Truck Load

Once the driver is loaded, the app prompts him to enter data about the load including counts, weight, and any additional information the customer defines.


Drive to Destination

The on-screen information can be heard through audio prompts, including all the pertinent delivery information and any special instructions.


Arrive at Destination

The driver taps a button that notifies the office staff of arrival to the destination.


Truck Unload

Once the truck is unloaded, the app prompts additional information, typically defined by the customer.