Safeguard your business from non-compliance

Reports that easily withstand audits

Truckspy has you covered through automation

TruckSpy gives you the tools needed to ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local laws; plus, meet the needs of your customers and vendors.

Reporting Types Available

  1. Individual Vehicle Mileage Report – the detailed report for IFTA audits
  2. Fleet Fuel Reports – ensure your fuel mileage matches IFTA audit triggers
  3. Fuel Exceptions Reporting – Did your truck get fuel somewhere it physically wasn’t?
  4. Quarterly State Miles and Fuel – Exactly what you need to file IFTA
  5. Timesheets – ensuring minimum wage compliance
  6. Electronic Log books with exemptions and exceptions – sail through a DOT audit
  7. Maintenance Issues and Work-orders – easily prove you are performing DOT required maintenance


Automatically Be Prepared for Audit

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) requires a carrier to file quarterly reports that include how many miles driven and how much fuel was purchased by state.
TruckSpy generates these reports, and more, to provide a full audit trail and detail should an audit come about.


Vendor-Specific Compliance

Some vendors like Ryder and Penske require various fuel and mileage and maintenance reports on leased vehicles.
What if the information was generated automatically for you?