Analytics & Reporting

Automate everything, even analytics

Analyze your data

Smart analytics improves efficiency.

Do you know where your vehicles are at all times, the miles per gallon by truck, and fuel costs per mile? We do.

Our full suite of reporting comes standard with 20 report types that can be augmented, segmented, and edited to create custom reports by time period.

  • Individual Vehicle Mileage Report

  • Monthly Fleet Fuel

  • Monthly Fuel Exception

  • Monthly State Miles

  • Quarterly Fleet fuel

  • Quarterly Fuel Exception

  • Quarterly State Miles

  • Weekly Fleet Fuel

  • Weekly Fuel Exception

  • Weekly Last Odometer

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    Zoom in and Zoom out

    A single data point can be meaningful only with context. Often, it takes a “zoom-out” to view the full picture of your fleet’s areas of improvement.


    Instantly know where you are wasting dollars

    TruckSpy offers state-of-the-art tracking and analytics to ensure your fleet is as efficient as possible.


    Analytics Products

    Keep track of your drivers' success through their Performance Profile, which shows drivers' safe driving time and percentages. Recognize and reward positive driving decisions.