Know where your assets are

Get high resolution GPS tracking on all of your assets, so you are always in the know.



High Quality GPS Data is the foundation of fleet optimization

None of high value analytics like load tracking, dispatching, or turn-by-turn navigation work without high quality GPS data. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to 15min update intervals.


Track all your assets 

Get high resolution location streams for both your trucks and trailers. In addition to GPS we capture snapshot of your vehicle's engine, including fault codes, fluid levels and much more.


GPS Tracking Designed to work for you


GPS data good enough to see which dock your truck is on or which parking spot your bus is in.


Map Everything

See it all one map: movement, idling, phone usage, speeding, routes and much more. 


Trigger real time notifications by text or email for a huge variety of events. 


No more cutting corners

Tired of pulling your map only to see that your vehicles appear to driving through parks, over houses and across water? 

Don't worry, we'll keep your trucks on the road at all times.


See it in action

Schedule a demo. Its a no hassle, no pressure 30 minute tour of TruckSpy.

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