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Panhandle Express Increases Efficiency


Panhandle Express is a for-hire fleet located in the Texas Panhandle. They operate a mixed fleet of 115 tractor-trailers and primarily haul agricultural commodities.

The Situation:

Before TruckSpy, Panhandle Express’ dispatchers spent a significant amount of time sending messages back and forth to drivers on their legacy telematics platform. Between phone calls and messages, dispatchers spent the entire day answering questions and giving then re-giving directions to drivers.

On average, from load tender to delivery, a dispatcher would talk to the driver 2.8 times on the phone and exchange 3.1 text messages– a total of five communication touchpoints. The entire fleet handles 240-250 loads per day. This equated to a staggering ~670 phone calls and ~740 text messages per day or 1,300 total daily touchpoints.

Trial Period Implementation:

Panhandle Express moved forward with a TruckSpy trial for 90 days with a small portion of the fleet. TruckSpy immediately built an integration to Panhandle Express’ TMS system. This integration allowed TruckSpy to automate communication between drivers and dispatchers.

The Panhandle Express dispatch team now builds a schedule in their TMS, that schedule is synced to TruckSpy, and each driver’s tablet is updated with his assignments in real-time. The tablet then walks the driver step-by-step through his day and provides turn-by-turn navigation to ensure loads get to the right destination. The driver can enter scale weights into his tablet at each origin and destination. This data is synced back into the TMS in real-time.


During the 90-day trial, TruckSpy aggressively fixed bugs in the new TMS integration and made performance improvements. After the 90-day trial, Panhandle Express decided to roll TruckSpy out fleet-wide.

In addition to financial improvements, employee satisfaction went up. Dispatchers and truck drivers alike enjoy streamlined communication and business operations.

We’ve cut the number of phone calls substantially. Our dispatchers are now focused on fixing problems in the field – not doing data entry. They have the time to be proactive and anticipate issues before they happen, which has increased our driver happiness.

Dane Noyce, CEO of Panhandle Express

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