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Why trucking companies are installing AI dash cams

Drivers might initially resist driver-facing cameras. After all, what need would your boss have to spy on you while you're driving? We're here to shed light on common myths about dash cams and highlight some of the benefits.

Dash cams can protect your company

The primary purpose of installing dash cams for trucks is not for insurance reasons. Rather, the biggest reason companies are investing in them is because of accident attorneys. In fact, jury settlements average around $22 million, with roughly 50% of that going to the accident attorney. Dash cams provide video evidence to use in court cases that could save a trucking company from having to pay out hefty settlements. 

The bottom line is that AI dash cams offer a greater level of protection for trucking companies by providing invaluable video evidence in case of an accident. They also offer the potential to prevent accidents in the first place, saving time and money in the long run.

Road-facing cameras aren't enough

When it comes to driving, safety should be the number one priority. While road-facing cameras are a great asset to have, they're not enough to prove a driver's innocence in the event of an accident. In fact, an attorney could easily turn it back around on the company if all they had were road-facing cameras. To ensure that a driver is not blamed for something they didn't do, forward thinking companies are turning to AI powered dash cams for video analysis. 

Driver-facing cameras provide a comprehensive view of what happened leading up to and during an accident. With this type of camera, a company can exonerate their drivers from responsibility and prove that they're managing their drivers safely and responsibly. AI dash cams give trucking companies the ability to monitor their drivers and ensure they're following the rules of the road, while also providing crucial evidence should an accident occur.

Is your boss spying on you?

As a truck driver, you may still wonder if your employer is using your dash cam to spy on you. The short answer is no- It's simply not cost-effective or worth the time it would take to monitor the cameras 24/7. 

TruckSpy cameras have a privacy mode which means that the camera will turn off when the truck isn’t moving. This ensures that drivers can remain private when not on the job. Live streaming capabilities of dash cams for trucks are rarely used and if they are, drivers will receive a verbal warning when this feature is activated.

Overall, AI dash cams are used to ensure driver safety and monitor the performance of employees while they are on the job. They are used to protect the company and, most importantly, you as the driver. 

Thinking about introducing driver facing cameras into your fleet? Check out TruckSpy’s dash cam options here.

Don't forget to download our comprehensive guide to learn everything you need to know about implementing driver facing cameras.

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