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Top 5 Trucking Podcasts

Looking for a new podcast to try out? We’ve rounded up some of the best trucking podcasts out there. Whether you’re a driver, carrier, or broker, check out the list below to find the show for you. 


Beyond the Rig 

Beyond the rig podcastYou’re probably familiar with the Knight Transportation logo, but did you know they host a podcast? Since February of 2021, Beyond the Rig has been bringing you new content biweekly that covers new developments in the trucking industry, sage wisdom from long time experts, and heartfelt stories from drivers. With Will’s background as a driver and Linda’s experience from a company’s perspective, this host duo will be sure to keep you entertained and informed.

What the Truck

what the truck podcastYou can’t google trucking podcasts without What the Truck coming up as a top pick, and there’s a reason why. With over 500 episodes under their belt, this well established pod drops new content multiple times a week on a variety of topics. With energetic, down to earth hosts and the latest in the trucking industry, What the Truck is a staple to keep on your radar.


Freight Caviar

freight caviar podcastFreight Caviar sets itself apart with the variety of topics covered on the show. Whether you're a broker, dispatcher, carrier, or driver, this podcast is sure to have something for you. Be sure to check out their website for some more bonus content. They cover the headlines in the industry regularly on their blog and host a hefty collection of trucking memes for when you need a little pick me up. 

The Road Forward

the road forward podcastDid you know that TruckSpy hosts a podcast? Our goal while hosting The Road Forward is to have a variety of experts in their field join us to share their knowledge with you. Tune in as we converse with insurance brokers, long time carriers, recruiters, and more. We know that this industry is always changing and is full of moving pieces. Stay up to date with the latest from experts as we all navigate The Road Forward. 

Talk CDL

talk cdl podcastIf you’re in the mood for something more like a classic radio show, Talk CDL is the podcast for you. The show has been going strong since 2017 with a focus on truck drivers. If you work with drivers regularly, this podcast can offer you valuable insight into the common issues they face. If you’re a driver, sit back and enjoy hearing from your peers as they navigate the industry.


Love a podcast that didn’t make the list? Drop us a comment below so we can check it out!