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New to trucking?

On the latest episode of The Road Forward, we talked with Elyse Byers from our marketing team here at TruckSpy. If her name sounds familiar, it's probably because Elyse writes a large portion of our blog articles and knowledge base. With a background in fine arts and customer service, Elyse started in our support department at TruckSpy in September of 2020 and got a crash course in trucking. We discussed what she learned about the big picture of trucking as well as the more niche areas, such as FedEx Linehaul.


Elyse grew up watching her father, who’s been a truck driver for over 20 years, come home every day and fill out his paper logs at the kitchen table. At the time this didn’t mean much to her. Since joining TruckSpy, all that paperwork she watched him sign makes a lot more sense. Having been opened up to his world, they now regularly discuss all things trucking in a way they never could before. Now as the primary author of our articles, she has a great source to turn to to find out a trucker’s perspective on hot topics, from ELDs to violations. 


One of the most surprising things Elyse has learned about over the past two years is autonomous trucks. She remarks that the concept was on the same playing field as self-flying airplanes or self-driving cars, but upon researching the topic for the blog she thought “oh, this is happening now.” You can find Elyse’s article on autonomous trucks here.


From a legislative perspective, Elyse was surprised to find out the legal reasoning behind certain tools such as dash cameras. She remarks that drivers and companies being defenseless against legal allegations is a problem solved by these cameras. To the trucking newbie, this isn’t something many understand until suddenly they’re losing their house in a legal battle they can’t dispute without a camera.


Elyse, who runs our blog here at TruckSpy, told us the topics of a few articles she’s currently researching. Stay tuned for her upcoming articles on how to become a truck driver, changing ELD mandates, and other developments in the trucking industry. After years on the outskirts of the Trucking world, she predicts that the industry will continue to have up and downs but is here to stay. 


Be sure to check out the rest of the episode as we talk about a new driverless trucking route in Texas, an update on the 6-year ongoing lawsuit against C.H. Robinson, and what that legal decision can mean for brokers.

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